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Chibi Ghidorah and Chibi Godzilla

Welcome to my site!

hi I dump my personal work and things I like here

(oh god I've forgotten how to code but I try my best to make everything mobile-friendly)


(I AM part of the Splatnet webring, but the widget only works on my Splatoon shrine lol)

To-Do List

  • Redesign Landing page idk (in progress?)
  • Add "Favorites" section to VOCALOID shrine (in progress)
  • Add a virtual wardrobe (in progress)
  • Design new layout for Godzilla shrine (in progress)
  • Increase accessibility
    • Implement semantic HTML
    • Increase color contrast
    • Add dark/light mode
    • Add Freezeframe buttons to 03PYUKO character pages
  • Implement Bootstrap
  • Add alt text to Shrine images
    • Add alt text to every image while I'm at it
  • Make the sidebar collapsible on Bookmarks
  • Finish setting up Characters page
  • Continue uploading art to Art Gallery
    • Add alt text and descriptions to images that are missing them
  • Finish setting up Dragon shrine
  • Finish setting up Cool Sites standalone page
  • Make background in Racing Miku 2014 image transparent on Figures shrine
  • Add more decorations to Splatoon shrine
  • Add Baldur's Gate 3 shrine
  • Add "Characters I Relate To" page
  • Add dress-up/flash games shrine
  • Add journal/blog?
List last updated 3/20/24

This site is still being woven. Please don't be surprised if it changes from time to time...